FaceHeart Reads
Your Vitals Precisely,
Without Any Struggles!

A remote video-based measurement software powered by
cutting-edge AI image recognition technology.


FaceHeart Reads
Your Vitals Precisely,
Without Any Struggles!

A remote video-based measurement software powered by
cutting-edge AI image recognition technology.


Always Helpful.

FaceHeart improves human health through its AI-driven, video-based contactless vital signs solution, FaceHeart Vitals™, providing a simple, comfortable, and cost-effective method to help patients manage their health.

FaceHeart Vitals™ (registered as FH Vitals) is the first video-based vital sign solution with FDA 510(k) clearance as a Class II medical device for heart rate measurement (K223622) in the market.

FH Vitals™ SDK Strengths

Contactless measurement

Measuring in 40-60 seconds

HR within ± 3-5 bpm accuracy

Using a single video camera

No internet connection needed

No privacy and security concerns

Flexible integrations of SDK

FH Vitals™ SDK can be easily integrated
into a wide variety of devices.

Mobile Phone



Smart Mirror

Digital Picture Frame

Security Camera

Smart TV



Core Technology Strengths

Vital signs extracted through remote image processing

  • Using AI image recognition technology to remotely measure vital signs from a single camera.
  • Eliminate the need for physical contact. The operation is simple, and the chance of measurement error is small.
  • FH Vitals™ has a higher accuracy compared with similar FDA-cleared devices on the market.

Highly adaptive real-time face recognition/detection

  • Offers 24/7 application for motion & luminance robustness.
  • Measures from up to 5 meters away, reporting results in 40~60 seconds.

Predictive medical monitoring technology development

  • Collaborated with multiple hospitals and divisions in compiling a comprehensive database of clinical data.
  • Calibrates our algorithm using doctors’ knowledge, FH Vitals™’ accuracy is further enhanced.

FH Vitals™ SDK
Application Fields


With ongoing and non-contact tracking of a person’s stress levels and vital signs, FH Vitals™ SDK provides critical information to make remote medical treatments possible for the ones in need.

Smart Health

FH Vitals™ SDK’s ability to track vital signs in the long term allows everyone to manage their health quickly, simply, and conveniently. Potential applications span from healthcare to corporate wellness.

Smart Home

In this data-driven era with aging populations, smart homes are set to become an essential part of the healthcare system in various innovative ways. Care robots are a great example of this rising trend.

Smart Finance

With the help of facial recognition and monitoring technology, we enabled an intelligent and safe approach to customer experience for financial services. Applications include banking and insurance industries.

Get the most important vital signs in just
40~60 seconds with FH Vitals™!

Heart Rate (HR)

Heartbeats per minute (bpm).

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Time interval variations between heartbeats.

Blood Pressure (BP)

The force of circulating blood against the artery walls (mmHg).

Oxygen Saturation (SpO₂)

Blood oxygen level.

Respiration Rate (RR)

Breaths per minute.

Stress Index (SI)

Describes the stress state of a person.

Atrial Fibrillation (AF)

Detection of abnormal heart rhythms.

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