AI Image Processing and Algorithm Engineer

Full-Time / Hsinchu

Job Description

FaceHeart Corp. focuses on the development of image-based vital sign measurement. Given any equipment with a camera, we can continuously measure heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, and other physiological information. We welcome talented people like you to join the team.

  1. Candidate: office worker, new graduates
  2. Prior work experience: not specified
  3. Education: masters or above education
  4. Field/Major: computer science, information engineering, electrical engineering, or electronic engineering-related majors
  5. Skills:
    • Proficient in C、C++、Matlab、Python
    • Prior work experience with image processing and system integration
    • Statistics, machine learning, AI-related skills

  • AI-image system integration workflow/process design (including data collection, selecting algorithms, etc.)
  • Adjust and optimize system processing/workflow and algorithm in the applied field
  • Propose solutions with methods, such as statistical analysis, machine learning, or deep learning

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