Realizing Homecare by Camera Measuring the Vital Signs

Jun 16, 2019

FaceHeart Inc. seeks to seize the business opportunity that presented itself in the AI healthcare industry.

The Vivatech exhibition is the biggest innovative event throughout the globe. The exhibition has grown into one of the most innovative exhibitions in the world, driving the growth of new global kinetic energy.

Discovering the trend and importance of smart healthcare and long-term care issues, Professor Wu from NCTU has founded a startup named FaceHeart Inc. that is supported by Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). Combining artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology, FaceHeart Inc. proposes the "Face A-Ma Smart Healthcare System”, which monitors vital signs in a non-contact way through a camera. In addition to heart rates, it can monitor heart rate variability (HRV) and blood pressure. The system is built to effectively take care of users’ parents and grandparents.

The long-term care industry is presented with three major crises: declining birth rate, lack of manpower in the industry, and the increasing cost of care. With a declining birth rate, manpower in the long-term care industry will further decrease, leading to an increasing cost for such services. These three issues compound together and put great pressure on families that have an elderly to take care of. As these services in the industry fail to keep up with the aging population, many issues will emerge in the society. FaceHeart Inc. provides the “Healthcare Monitoring System for the Elderly” that is able to replace the traditional wearable device. These wearable devices can often cause irritation and discomfort for the elderly. With the contactless system in place, not only will the elderly not have to change their living habits, they can also enjoy 24 hour health records. These records can also provide physicians with valuable references in the future. Being empowered with the system that allows families to take care of their elderly through long distance, the families will be relieved of the heavy burden of long-term care.

If the system detects something abnormal, it will instantly warn the users, medical staff, family members, and related authorities if needed. This will relieve the shortage of medical staff and enhance the quality of the healthcare system. FaceHeart Inc. has a vision. Knowing that there is an aging population and a demand for healthcare at home, FaceHeart is planning on actualizing this vision through our product— the "Face A-Ma Smart Healthcare System". With this technology, FaceHeart Inc. will be able to pave the way for a better and brighter future in the long-term care industry, benefiting countless families in this aging society.

On 16.06. 2019~18.06.2019, FaceHeart Inc. will present the "Face A-Ma Smart Healthcare System" at Hall 1 Booth F48, the TTA Theme Pavilion of MOST, with the latest and most cutting edge technology to show smart healthcare solutions. Welcome to visit us for further information.