What is     SDK?

FH Vitals™ SDK is the core component of FaceHeart products, it provides application
developers with a series of software modules, allowing them to easily incorporate FaceHeart’s
contactless vital signs measurement solution into their desired applications. Currently,
FH Vitals™ SDK supports 4 types of operating systems and can be easily integrated into hardware
devices equipped with adequate single camera.

FH Vitals™ SDK Key Features

Contactless measurement

Measuring vital signs remotely using video-based rPPG technology and eliminating the discomfort associated with contact-based solutions.

Measuring in 40~60 seconds

Reporting first heart rate value within 10 seconds. HRV, respiratory rate, stress index, blood pressure and blood oxygen will be displayed consecutively after 34 seconds.

HR within ± 3-5 bpm accuracy

Compared to FDA-cleared medical devices, the accuracy of FH Vitals™ measurements of heart rates are within ± 3-5 bpm, whereas blood pressures are within ± 6-12 mmHg.

Using a single video camera

Applicable to any device with an adequate video camera (refer to FAQ for hardware specs).

No internet connection needed

Under FH Vitals™ edge computing system architecture, stable and speedy measurements are achieved, while no Internet connection is needed during the measuring period.

No privacy and security concerns

By merely displaying the measured vital signs data, FH Vitals™ neither stores nor makes use of the measuring results, thus eliminating any data privacy concerns.

Flexible integrations of SDK

Ready-to-use solution packaged in an SDK, saving your time and costs for application developments and service deployments.

FH Vitals™ SDK empowers people to regain the ownership over their health and experience convenience like never before by revolutionizing the way they measure vital signs.

Operation Steps


Input Basic Information

FH Vitals™ collects your personal information (age, gender, etc.) for more accurate calculations.


Facial Detection and Measurement

When you face the camera, FH Vitals™ will detect and track your face while measuring your key vital signs. You don't need to remove your glasses during the measurement.


Image Processing and Data Analysis

With the aid of advanced AI and deep learning algorithms, FH Vitals™ extracts and analyzes the relevant rPPG signals from your facial images during the measuring period, and formulates an oscillograph by recording the subcutaneous blood flow underneath the area between your eyebrows and lips.


Vital Signs Measurement Report

In less than a minute, your key vital signs will be available for daily wellness review and further analyses!

Heart Rate

Heart Rate Variability

Blood Pressure

Oxygen Saturation

Respiration Rate

Stress Index

Atrial Fibrillation

FH Vitals™ SDK uses a single video camera to extract and process rPPG signals for vital signs measurement. Key vital signs data are generated in less than a minute.

What are FaceHeart's Six Health Indicators?

FaceHeart's Six Health Indicators correspond to different Heart
Rate Variability (HRV) frequency measurements, such as LF, HF, LF/HF, etc.
Six Indicators will be updated according to the current HRV values of each
measurement, allowing people to understand their own health in a timely manner.

  • ActivityLevel of mental energy
  • SleepSleep quality assessment
  • EquilibriumOverall wellness
  • MetabolismAbility to boost your metabolism
  • HealthBody's aging index
  • RelaxationStress fatigue level

FH Vitals™ SDK is commercially available at present.