The Latest Technology Breakthrough in CES 2019: Monitoring the Vital Sign by a Camera Contactlessly

Jan 08, 2019

CES 2019 opens on 8th Jan and will last till 11th Jan in Las Vegas, the USA. New startups from all over the world joined this world-class tech event in the CES's startup area, Eureka Park, looking forward to hitting the stage with their breaking technologies.

In recent years, artificial intelligence has become one of the most popular technologies and marketing icons. AI technology shows infinite possibilities in different fields such as smart home, healthcare, automobile, fintech, and so on. Therefore, people’s focus on AI technologies has gradually shifted from its computing power to its applications.

FaceHeart Inc. is a startup from Taiwan that has developed a unique technology capable of reading the users’ heartbeat and heart rate variability with contactless vital sign measurement. FaceHeart cooperates with hospitals and doctors to enhance the accuracy and reliability of the technology and the detection of subtle details on people’s faces. Differentiated from traditional wearable sensors, FaceHeart’s latest technology can bring drastic changes and creative solutions to the telemedicine industry, the trend of future healthcare.

Despite effective results, telemedicine is still a challenge due to the barrier to accessibility. Some people hesitate as it seems to be expensive and difficult to access professional set-ups for telemedicine services. With a single camera, FaceHeart enables doctors to track and monitor patients’ physiological information, as well as allows patients to update their health information easily and seek timely advice regarding their health problems. To check out how FaceHeart helps, come to our counter at CES 2019 and stay tuned to our website!