Our Values


Constantly pushing the
boundaries of what is possible


Providing services to a
wider population


Doing things with the
utmost integrity


Keeping our users' needs
in mind

Life at FaceHeart

Learning and Growth

We learn and grow together to bring better products.

Agile Team

We break free of bureaucracy. We focus our energy on what truly matters.

Autonomy and Trust

We ensure our product integrity and give our employees autonomy.

Challenge the Status Quo

We are creating the future - we don't follow the old ways.

Make an Impact

We provide vital sign measurements for all. Shaping a future with endless possbilities.

Treat Each Other Well

We care deeply about the well-being of humanity. Treating our teammates and customers well is the first step.

Company benefits

Annual Base Salary

There is an annual base salary of 14 months per year and year-end bonus can vary depending on job tenure.

Better Vacation and Leaves

We provide vacation and leaves better than Taiwan's Labor Standards Act so employees can find their own balance.

Flexible Working Hours

We trust our employees to allocate their time to work flexibly.

Friendly Environment

We have a great mountain view from our office. Employees' and visitors' general well-being is our top priority.

Food & Beverage

We provide free coffee, free snacks, and dinner subsidy, for nurturing our employees vigor and vitality.

Parking Subsidy

We provide free parking for motorcycle and parking subsidy for cars to relieve pressure on commute.

Hear What Our Teammates Say!


As a market research intern at FaceHeart, I am able to explore something new everyday. Smart health is a relatively new and fast-growing field to dig into and people at FaceHeart are always open to share anything they know and respect the ideas brought to the table. I really like the way that we're small as a startup, but as agile and united as a team or family that support each other to the success!


FaceHeart cares deeply about its people and those they serve. FaceHeart wants us to grow with them. We are given ownership, our voices are heard, and our work is valued and appreciated. I am very excited to be on this journey to provide life-changing technology to many more around the world and to continue witnessing change before my eyes.

“If you are offered a seat on a rocket ship,
do not ask what seat. Just get on.”

─ Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt

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